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STARDUST is an engineering workshop where students, grades 5-12, will design a version of the STARDUST probe which flies through the coma of a comet, collecting material for scientists to analyze on Earth. Each team designs and builds a model of their probe using the parts available while trying to maintain their budget. Once the STARDUST probe is complete, the teams present their probe to our Flight Director and try to sell their design concept.
PRICING:  Spring Season $350 per session   Fall $300 per session   

This program is eligible for Field Trip Assistance Funding.

Apollo 13 Scrubber Challenge

Experience the tension of the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission as your students take on the roles of Mission Control engineers, trying to figure out how to clean the air in the capsule before the astronauts suffocate. Student teams research, design and build model air scrubber filter units using only the few materials available to the astronauts. They then test their designs on a mock-up of the air circulation unit from the Apollo spacecraft. Recommended for 4th grade and older.
PRICING: All-Year - $225/$200/$175/$175  (1st Class/2nd/3rd/4th)

Heat Shield Challenge

Can your students design a device to withstand the 3000˚ heat of a shuttle reentry? Students are provided with a budget and a list of supplies that they must use to build the lightest and most inexpensive heat shield model possible. We then test the models with a propane torch to find out which ones survive. Recommended for 5th grade and older.
PRICING: All-Year - $225/$200/$175/$175  (1st Class/2nd/3rd/4th)

Solar System and Beyond

Students learn about each of the planets in the solar system using our 4 billion to 1 scale solar system. They learn about light and energy and how scientists identify the different gasses from our Sun and other stars. Recommended for K-3.

PRICING: All-Year - $225/$200/$175/$175  (1st Class/2nd/3rd/4th)

Outreach Programs for Schools

Our flight directors come to you for this set of programs.