Tel: (623) 322-2001

17835 N 44th Street,  Phoenix, AZ 85032 US

Mr. Robert Rasmussen (Chairman)
Director Technology Strategy
Honeywell, Aerospace Advanced Technology

Mr. Rick Kettner (Vice Chairman)
Senior Director, Engineering Technical Operations East
Northrop Grumman

Ms. Carolyn “Cyndi” C. Tosh, PE (Secretary/Treasurer)
Engineering Supervisor – Fossil Projects
Generation Engineering


Mr. Jeffrey B. Goldberg, Ph.D.
Acting Provost
University of Arizona

Mr. Charles M. “Mike” Heath
Regional Supervisor, Transportation Services, SRP
West Valley Service Center - Equipment Repair Facility.

Leigh Dow,
Chief Operating Officer
48 West Agency

Honorary Members:

Mr. William “Bill”  G. Gregory  RETIRED Board Treasurer
Advanced Instructor Pilot, (U.S. Astronaut, Former)

Aviation Performance Solutions

Brig. Gen. Richard Scobee 

Deputy Dir. of Operations, Headquarters North American Aerospace Defense Command, Peterson Air Force Base, CO. He is the son of Commander Dick Scobee, who died in the Challenger explosion in 1986.

Mrs. Nancy Stump

Mrs. Stump is the widow of U.S. Congressman Robert "Bob" Stump (1927 - 2003), Representative from Arizona's 3rd District who served from 1977 - 2002 and Chaired the Veterans' Affairs Committee and House Armed Services Committee. His vision for a more focused effort in STEM education in Arizona led to the partnerships in bringing the Challenger Space Center to Peoria, working with local, state and national agencies such as the Challenger Centers for Space Science Education. 

Our Mission

Beverly Swayman
Executive Director

(623) 322-2012

Scott Oliver

Director of IT
(623) 322-2007

Kim Swayman
Director of Strategic Resources
(623) 322-2044

Board of Directors

The Challenger Space Center of AZ is affiliated with Challenger National, an organization that was created by the surviving families of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster. The vision of that organization was to create a living tribute to those brave pioneers and visionaries by encouraging students to learn about the wonders of our universe and the world in which we live. The goal to inspire, excite and educate people of all ages is a commitment that the more than 40 Centers throughout the world share. 


Our Team