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Space Flight
3...2..1.. LIFT OFF! This camp will give the basics of flight and rocketry as campers experiment with different types of rockets and propulsion.

How do we see distant stars and planets? This astronomy based camp will teach the fundamentals of astronomy, as well as a look at how telescopes work.

Mercury 2021 Themes

Life in Space
 If you were a space pioneer, what would you need to know to set up a base camp on Mars or a distant moon? Campers will learn about the essentials of living in space.

Rates & Hours

Challenger Space Center doors open at 8:45am for camp check in.
A $5 for every 5 minutes late fee will be charged for each child not picked up by 12:05pm (for half-day camp) or 4:05pm. 

Mercury campers can attend either the morning or afternoon session or can combine both for a full-day camp experience.

Each session includes age-appropriate hands-on activities and fun projects.

Full-day campers must bring a sack lunch.

Maximum enrollment: 16 children per session. 


Entering Grade 2 or 3


$125 per half-day session (5 days), per child
$250 per full-day session (5 days), per child 

Half day sessions:



Full day sessions:


Students in this camp will learn about engineering as they explore what it would take to design and build a spacecraft and equipment to discover the far reaches of the Solar System.