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Advanced Astronomy

Humans have been studying the stars for
millenia. This camp will teach about stellar
life and death cycles, exoplanets, black
holes, comets, meteors and objects in our
own solar system. We will explore
telescopes, light and what new advances in
astronomy are being made.

Rates & Hours


Entering Grade 6, 7  or 8

Each Apollo camp runs full-days for one week only and features hands-on activities that explore new concepts, expanding the minds of even the most skeptical young scientists.
Day begins at 9am and ends at 4pm. Campers must bring a sack lunch. 

Maximum enrollment: 20 children per session.

Apollo  2022 Themes

Girls Building Up STEAM

This camp will present the basics of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Engineering as the girls explore the work of women who moved these fields forward.

Advanced Space Flight

Students will learn the concepts of
propulsion and aerodynamics as they build
and launch different types of rockets. They
will also explore how to land an astronaut
safely on the surface of a planet or moon.

Challenger Space Center doors open at 8:45am for camp check in.
A $5 for every 5 minutes late fee will be charged for each child not picked up by 12:05pm (for half-day camp) or 4:05pm.

Registration now available!

$275 per full-day session (5 days), per child

Full day sessions: