Searching for an out-of-this-world birthday party?

You can party like an astronaut here at Challenger Space Center and we offer party packages for astronaut wannabees up to 100 years of age. Please note: Payment is due in full at the time of reservation for all parties.


Party Like An Astronaut

This fully-hosted party is out of this world and will be a blast for you and your guests to celebrate your child's special day!  Add on a liquid nitrogen program and celebrate your birthday at -321°!


Fly To Outer Space Party

3..2..1..BLAST OFF! This is your chance to fly to outer space! Become a crew member on a simulated mission at Challenger Space Center and take a voyage to Mars or rendezvous with a comet.    For guests 11 and older


Liquid Nitrogen Program

Celebrate your birthday at -321 degrees with a personal liquid nitrogen show! It's a FREEZING good time! 

Call (623)-322-2044 for pricing, general questions, or to customize a party just for your little astronaut! You can also visit our FAQs