Rocket Day April 29th 2017

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

For questions about this program contact Jordan Goddard at or 623-322-2007

Tel: (623) 322-2001

9617 N Metro Pkwy W, STE 2214 Phoenix, AZ 85051 US

Rocket Day
Come join us for a day full of rockets and fun. Each participant will receive a model rocket kit to assemble and launch during this guided class. After rocket building, there will be a lunch break (Pizza, chips, and drink included) before blasting off on your 2-hour simulated Voyage to Mars. After you return from your trip to Mars, you will end your day launching your rocket.  

Voyage to Mars

The time frame of this mission is sometime in the not-too-distant future, when humans have established a permanent base on Mars. Crew members will serve as the first crew on Mars and the relief crew en route to the planet. While on the Martian surface, the team will have collected and analyzed a great number of planetary samples and data. 

This information is vital to scientists for a better understanding of the planet Mars. Crew members also will have gained an appreciation for the "luxuries" of planet Earth such as air, water and food as compared to a barren planet such as Mars.


*Includes one free adult admission*