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9617 N Metro Pkwy W, STE 2214 Phoenix, AZ 85051 US

Rates & Hours

Challenger Space Center doors open at 8:45am for camp check in.
A $5 for every 5 minutes late fee will be charged for each child not picked up by 12:05pm (for half-day camp) or 4:05pm. 

Mercury campers can attend either the morning or afternoon session or can combine both for a full-day camp experience.

Each session includes age-appropriate hands-on activities and fun projects.

Full-day campers must bring a sack lunch.

Maximum enrollment: 25 children per session. 


Entering Grade 2 or 3

Lift Off!

Climb aboard Challenger Space Center’s ESTM (Earth Space Transport Module) and launch into outer space! This week, campers will become rocket scientists and learn what it takes to launch a rocket from earth.

Planetary Explorers

Grab your space helmets and get ready to explore our solar system! This week, campers will investigate each of the planets (dwarf planets too – Never forget Pluto!) as well as other celestial objects found in our solar system. Through hands-on activities and science experiments, campers will have the opportunity to explore our celestial neighborhood.

Mercury 2017 Themes


$125 per half-day session (5 days), per child
$250 per full-day session (5 days), per child 

Half day sessions:



Full day sessions:


Things in Flight

Planes and Helicopters and Rockets, oh my! Through exploring air and flight, campers will become aerospace engineers and learn what it takes to get heavier-than-air objects off the ground.

Rovin' Around

Vroooom! Explore distant, far away rocky planets on board a planetary rover. With massive hills and deep valleys, having a reliable form of transportation on a foreign planet is important for a successful voyage. Come learn all about the different rovers working in our solar system now, and the future of planetary exploration.