What times are the parties offered?
Our Out-of-this-World parties take place on Saturdays in the morning or afternoon. All parties are subject to availability.

How far in advance must I schedule a party?
We require a minimum 2 week advance booking of a party so that we may ensure sufficient staffing needs.

Cancellation Policy
There is a non-refundable $50 cancellation fee for ALL parties. We can change your party to another date and/or time, depending on availability, at no additional charge.

How long can my guests remain in the party room after the party time ends?
We ask that at the end of the booked party time that you and your guests remove your items and belongings from the room so that our staff can clean the space. However, you and your paid guests are welcome to walk through the center during the remainder of the public hours and enjoy our exhibits and any general admission included activities offered that day.
What food and drinks am I allowed to bring in for the party?
The policy of the center only permits your birthday cakes and desserts. Pizza is available for ordering through Challenger Space Center as well as bottles of water, juice or other items upon request. 
Can I bring my own decorations?
Yes, Challenger Space Center will provide tables and table clothes however you are responsible for providing items that can be set on tables or taped to the walls (absolutely no tacks, staples or similar may be used).
What happens when I go over 30 guests?
In the event that you have more than 30 guests in attendance Challenger Space Center charges a small admission fee per individual based on age. This includes siblings, adults, or additional guests. 

Can I customize a party for any age?

Absolutely. We have found that children younger than 5 may not fully engage in some the activities but Challenger Space Center will do our best to accommodate your guests of any ages!

Still have questions? No problem! Call (623)-322-2007 and we'll do our best to answer all your questions!