What times are the parties offered?
Our Cadet and Out-of-this-World parties take place on Saturday and Sunday, while our Family STAR Night and Planetarium parties are on select Saturdays. The Cadet or Out-of-this-World Party Room are offered in the morning (10:30am) or afternoon (1:30pm). STAR Night is offered only in the evening (6pm) prior to the 7:30 program start time. Planetarium parties are offered in the morning (10am) or early afternoon (11am) in conjunction with the 11:30am or 12:30pm program times. All parties are subject to availability.

How far in advance must I schedule a party?
We require a minimum 2 week advance booking of a party so that we may insure sufficient staffing needs.

Cancellation Policy
There is a non-refundable $50 cancellation fee for ALL parties. We can change your party to another date and/or time, depending on availabilty, at no additional charge.

How long can my guests remain in the party room after the party time ends?
We ask that at the end of the booked party time that you and your guests remove your items and belongings from the room so that our Party Assistant can clean the space. However, you and your paid guests are welcome to walk through the center during the remainder of the public hours and enjoy our exhibits and any general admission included activities offered that day.
What food and drinks am I allowed to bring in for the party?
The policy of the center only permits cake / ice cream / ice cream cake / cupcakes / or cookies. Pizza is available for ordering through CSC as well as bottles of water or juice.
Can I bring my own decorations?
Our party assistants will decorate the party room for you with CSCs decorations. Should you wish to add to these decorations you may do so however, they must be items that can be set on tables or taped to the walls (absolutely no tacks, staples or similar may be used).
Can I take home any of the decorations that CSC provides?
Your party assistant will let you know what items are available for you to take home. Generally they will include the balloons and signs printed specifically for your child's party.
What dos it mean when you say "wristbands for 2 adults are included" in the price of he party?
This means that the cost of the party provides for 2 adults within the price.
For instance a Cadet party is for 10 - 30 guests at $325; this price provides for 30 party guests plus 2 adults in attendance.
Or for a Planetarium party the cost is $13.99 per guest with a 10 guest minimum. The payment for 10 guests will provide wristbands for 10 party guests plus 2 adults in attendance.
What happens when I go over 30 guests for the Cadet party?
In the event that you have more than 30 guests in attendance CSC charges on a per guest basis above that amount.

Cadet party: 30 guests plus 2 adults in attendance. Guest count above that will be charged at general admission rates.

Click Here to Link to General Admission Info.

What is the pricing for parents or siblings that attend my child's Stargazing, Planetarium or Out-of-this-World Party?
Each additional guest attending the party above the amount you initially pay for will be an additional $11.99, $13.99 or $9.99 per guest respective to each party type (additional costs applied after for pizza and beverage option if used). Please remember there is a 10 guest minimum payment due in full at the time of booking the party.
Should the parents or siblings only wish to attend the Stargazing or Planetarium but not participate in the party the cost per guest is based on general admission and public program rates. It would be your choice whether you pay for these individuals or if you ask that they pay individually.
I really like the Cadet party structure and pricing but my child will not be turning at least 5 years old; can CSC customize the activities so that I can still book this party?
Unfortunately we cannot customize the party; the activities for the Cadet party are designed to be fun and interactive for children of the ages and development of 5 - 10 years old. We have found that children younger than 5 may not fully engage in the activities and your satisfaction of the party we provide may be compromised. Our suggestion is that you consider our other party offerings which would allow you to use the space of the party room in a manner better suited for this age group.