Field trip FAQ for Teachers

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How do we schedule a field trip? 

There are two methods for booking a field trip:

  • Fill out our Field Trip Request Form:  HERE
  • Call our Education Liaison, Donna Kolta at (623) 322-2020.

Can I pay with a PO from my school? 

Yes. You can find more information on payment options on the reservation policy page.

Reservation Policy Page PDF

My Class is larger than the 32 student occupancy of the mission?  Does that mean we can't do a Simulated Mission?  

You can absolutely still do a mission.  We offer our EVA program to help.  While one group is on the mission, a Challenger Flight Director can hold a secondary workshop for those left behind.  These programs are at a discounted rate, as our thank you for taking part in our Mission Program.  The EVA pricing is:  $250 during Peak Season and $200 Off-Peak.


Please have three dates in mind when booking your field trip.  Also it helps if we know what time will work best for you. 

When do you we need to book?
Some parts of the year are busier than others, therefore the amount of time you should register in advance will vary. 

To book a field trip for the fall, you should book as soon as school starts.   

Extremely popular times, such as late April and May often book completely several months in advance.  For this reason, we strongly advise placing your reservations as early as possible for the best selection of available dates and times.

When is the Challenger busiest?

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are typically our most popular days throughout the school year.  

Our Seasons for Missions:

Peak: March- June

Shoulder: October-February

Off-Peak: August & September

Our Seasons for Workshops and Outreach:
Peak: March- June
Off-Peak: August - February



Tel: (623) 322-2001

21170 N 83rd Ave Peoria AZ 85382 US

Is there parking space for our bus? 

Yes, there is plenty of free parking available for your bus. Your bus driver is invited to come and see the center while waiting for your students.

What about lunch? 

The Challenger cosmic café is available for students to eat their sack lunches. Teachers and educators can include reserving lunch space for their students when making a reservation.

What happens when we get there? 

When a school group arrives at the Challenger they are met by one of our Flight Directors. A field trip to the Challenger Space Center is a hosted experience. A Flight Director will direct your students to the correct rooms. 

How can I best prepare my students to get the most from their experience at the Challenger?

Teacher Tool Kits
Each mission has a Teacher Tool Kit with documents to assist you in preparing your student astronauts and picking crew assignments.  

You can find these Tool Kits on each of our Mission Pages.

Rendezvous with a Comet

Voyage to Mars

Return to the Moon

Have a question this FAQ doesn't answer? 

Contact our Education Liaison, Donna Kolta at: 623-322-2020 or email her at