A Hosted Student Group Experience - 2 Options

Available June, July, August ONLY

Challenger Space Center offers two unique "Space FUNdamentals" Summer Field Trip options, where the emphasis is on the FUN! Our experienced Flight Directors will host your visit to the Center, sharing their extensive space knowledge with your group and inspiring children to dream big and reach for the stars.

steele foundation rotunda

1)  Space FUNdamentals - GROUP TOUR & MORE

Your group will enjoy a guided tour of Challenger Space Center Arizona, a simulated rocket launch in the ESTM (Earth-Space-Transport Module), a special space-themed activity, and an astronaut video! See Robert McCall's four-story "Tour of the Universe" mural (believed to be the largest mural in Arizona), examine a real meteorite, see an authentic NASA Shuttle Tire flown in space and more.

AGES: 5-14

SIZE: Up to 30 participants, including two chaperones per group

DURATION: 2 hours

COST: $220 per group


Option 2)   Space FUNdamentals - SIMULATED SPACE MISSION

Take part in Comet Adventures Simulated Space Mission, a daring trek to explore a comet as it passes in close proximity to earth. Team members will serve as astronauts and mission controllers to rendezvous with the comet's tail and launch a scientific probe. But, be prepared! Unforeseen challenges and near-emergencies can arise. Successful completion of the task will provide your group with the confidence to say, "Mission Accomplished!" Some preparation is required before arriving for the mission.

AGES:  10-17

SIZE: MAXIMUM is up to 32 Participants, including two chaperones per group. MINIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS IS 16 - No exceptions as 16 participants are required for the teamwork involved in flying a mission.

DURATION: 3 hours

COST: $525 per group


For Summer FUNdamentals Field Trip reservations and information call 623.322.2020 or e-mail scheduler@azchallenger.net

Summer Activity Planners: Please note that these are the only two options for a summer group of students/children for which we can offer a hosted experience with Challenger Flight Directors. It is not recommended to bring a group of students at the general admission rate as our public tours, while very informative, are limited to 11 people, are geared to a general audience (not age specific), and do not offer space-related activities such as those that are featured with the Space FUNdamentals programs.