Return to the Moon

The year is 2015. For the first time since 1972, a crew of astronauts is returning to the Moon, this time to stay. The mission begins with the Spacecraft in Earth's orbit. The crew aboard the spacecraft will leave Earth's orbit and travel to the Moon. During the course of the mission the crew will build and launch a probe to the lunar surface, recover a probe that is stranded in space, repair the damaged probe and determine the best site for the establishment of the first permanent lunar base.

Team members in both Mission Control and the Spacecraft must work and decide together how best to accomplish these tasks. The anticipation builds as the Moon nears. The retrorockets fire, we enter the gravitational pull of the Moon and we have touchdown!

Recommended for grades 9 through 12.

Minimum number of students per simulated mission is 16; maximum number of jobs available is 32.



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