Education e-Mission: Operation Montserrat

The giant awakens and the skies darken as ash and soot rain down on a remote tropical island. The ticking time bomb dormant for many years has awakened and residents of Montserrat Island worry about their fate. As the erupting volcano’s lava begins to devastate the countryside, Challenger Space Center scientists learn a hurricane is approaching. During this process of data transmission about the volcano and the hurricane, a satellite gathering the vital life-saving data malfunctions. With disasters looming, the Challenger Space Center scrambles to assemble a team of specialists to assist the island’s residents.
The two and a half hour e-Mission program offered by the Challenger Space Center comes into your classroom via the internet (that's right, a field trip without a bus!). For this program, you will need the following: videoconferencing equipment (or alternatively a computer with a webcam, microphone and speakers), three computers with basic internet access, and an LCD Projector (optional). Your students will serve as science experts and participate in a unique and interactive distance learning experience. Linked via the Internet with a Challenger Center Flight Director, the class will assume the role of an Emergency Response Team, confronting hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

Each e-Mission is designed to hold a class of 16 to 32 students from 6th grade to High School students. The educator for the class will attend a half-day teacher orientation program at least two months prior to their mission date. At this workshop, educators will receive materials specifically designed to prepare the students for their e-Mission. These materials include four weeks of Earth and Space Science curriculum that can be integrated into the normal course of study to help students understand the thematic topics of e-Mission: Operation Montserrat.

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