Teacher Training for Simulated Space Missions
Prior to flying a Mission or e-Mission, the educator for each class will attend a half-day teacher orientation program at least one month before the date of their mission. At this workshop, educators will receive materials specifically designed to prepare the students for their mission. Educators receive 4 to 6 weeks worth of curriculum materials (including 10 lessons) to integrate into their studies in the weeks prior to their mission date.

The pre-flight activities provided during orientation encompass a variety of interdisciplinary themes, from math and science, to the arts. It is this essential classroom component that lifts a mission or e-Mission from the confines of an everyday field trip. Dedicated to providing high-quality experiences for all learners, the Challenger Space Center helps educators create a simulated world for learning to excite and inspire kids about space, science and the world in which we live


Trainings for teachers who have not participated

in a Challenger Space Mission:

Training sessions are held the first Saturday of each month.  

Trainings are 9:00am - 12:30pm at Challenger Space Center Arizona in Peoria.
 Trainings are free but
reservations required

Returning teachers for Challenger Missions: Training session not required. 


e-Mission Teacher Training:
Your team will interact with Mission Control Base to track a hurricane, predict volcanic rock fall and determine how these conditions will impact this tiny island as you race against time to evacuate and save the 8,000 residents of Montserrat.

First Saturday of each month, 9:00am - 12:30pm

Challenger Space Center Arizona

Please call or e-mail 623-322-2020 / Scheduler@azchallenger.net schedule your Educator training. There is no cost for the Mission or e-Mission Educator Training. Educators can receive 4 CEU credits.