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*Codakid and Playwell are external companies and ran independent of the Challenger Space Center of AZ

CodaKid’s goal is to create a generation of young programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs who can build amazing games, apps, and more. By making computer programming incredibly fun and engaging through game design, CodaKid students will gain the motivation to learn to code in actual development environments while developing real world skills.

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Every day, exciting new discoveries in space and science change our understanding of the universe around us.  Summer campers will use fun, hands-on learning to make their own discoveries and will explore how their findings affect our daily lives.

Using tens of thousands of LEGO® bricks, kids will take on various engineering challenges! With the guidance of a Play-Well TEKnologies instructor, campers will explore concepts in physics, mechanical and structural engineering, architecture, space travel systems and much more.

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Week-long, half and full-day camps for kids grades K-8