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Advanced Rovers

June 5-9 or July 10-14
Rovers allow scientists to explore distant rocky planets and other celestial objects. Someday, rovers may even allow humans to traverse the surface of Mars! In this camp, campers will learn about the rovers of our solar system as well as what goes into building one through hands-on engineering and robotics activities.

Rates & Hours


Entering Grade 6, 7  or 8

Each Apollo camp runs full-days for one week only and features hands-on activities that explore new concepts, expanding the minds of even the most skeptical young scientists.

Day begins at 9am and ends at 4pm. Campers must bring a sack lunch. 

Apollo  2017 Themes

Girls in Science

June 19-23
Time for some space STEM exploration! Space science isn’t just limited to astronomy—biology, engineering, chemistry, and other sciences help us learn more about outer space, too. In this camp, girls in grades 6th-8th will investigate outer space using concepts from engineering and various sciences.

Advanced Rockets

June 12-16 or July 17-21
Actually, it is rocket science! This week, campers will become rocket scientists and learn what it takes to design and build a rocket. Blast off and investigate the principles of engineering and rocket science though fun, hands on rocketry activities and experiments.

Challenger Space Center doors open at 8:45am for camp check in.
A $5 for every 5 minutes late fee will be charged for each child not picked up by 12:05pm (for half-day camp) or 4:05pm.

$275 per full-day session (5 days), per child

Full day sessions: